Information for Employers was created in response to requests from employers like you for easy, affordable access to Edmonton’s post-secondary student population. A partnership between Edmonton’s three largest student associations, our aim is help connect you to a large pool of potential workers, and to help our students find the jobs they need.

Why Hire a Student?

Post-secondary students tend to be responsible, well-motivated, and fast learners – just the kind of people you need helping your organization thrive and prosper.

General Employer Resources

How Much Should I Pay?

A Few Ways to Make Your Job Student-Friendly

  • Be aware of your student employees’ academic constraints – exam schedules and so forth.
  • Flexible hours are a real advantage when you are hiring students – not essential, but helpful.
  • Students like entry-level jobs – they need to build their experience – but also like to know up-front if there or not there is an advancement path.
  • If your job has particular requirements – such as dress/equipment or vehicle requirements – either providing or assisting in obtaining these prerequisites will improve your success in finding student employees.
  • If your job requires work experience but you are willing to accept academic qualifications or training in lieu of that, let students know that in your ad.